Normandy Executive:
  • President: Lucky
  • Vice President: Durk
  • Secretary: Whippet
  • Treasurer: Gabby
  • Road Captain: Royal
  • Repat/Funeral OPI: Royal
  • Sgt At Arms: Sgt Bob

The Canadian Army Veteran Motorcycle Units (CAV MU), is an organization made up of active Military, Veterans and Veteran Supporters.

The CAV MU is comprised of thousands of Canadian Army, Canadian Air Force and Canadian Navy veterans and still serving members of the Canadian Forces, as well as veteran motorcycle enthusiasts from the UK, Australia and USA. Many members have served in regiments, bases and ships both in Canada and in overseas' theatres of operations.

The CAV MU attempts to maintain the values of uniformed service; those of integrity, legitimacy, honour and strength in their veteran's duties to their community, and to keep alive the bonds formed during their military service.

Started in 2003, two military veteran motorcyclists meeting at a local charity ride, developed an idea that a military motorcyclist organization was needed. The two co-founders, P.M. ’Trapper’ Cane and J.S.Y. ‘Doc’ Lebrun adopted the name Canadian Army Veteran (CAV) and a WWII crest of a despatch rider as their crest, which had been used in a World War II recruiting poster in Canada. The co-founders' inspiration was the continuance of the military comradeship that brothers-in-arms experience.